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Do you do presentations at work?  Or do you do public speaking?  Well read on...

The one thing people often say to us at the start of our session is ‘my speech is X minutes long’ or ‘my presentation is X minutes long’ so this is what I’ve done.

There’s an unhealthy obsession with ‘filling time’.   And so speeches or presentations are often written, and delivered as a means of ‘filling time’.   They are often drawn out, lack focus and forget the most important thing – what message are you wanting to deliver and how best can this message be presented?

Each public speech or presentation needs to be different.  You need to come up with your own formula – surprise the audience with your content rather than it being the usual set formula.   Think of your own personality – how would you usually speak to someone, and how best can you make this ‘your own’. 

You’ll notice so many people who attend speeches are on their phones, or at lunchtime speak about going to the pub later on, but the speech should be the star attraction of the day.   The speech should be the talking point.  And your message should be what first gets discussed outside the room.

So much public speaking and presentation coaching is dated, out of touch and lacks the desired impact.  So if you want to work with people who can help you deliver something that works, that has impact and that will get people talking give The Presenter Studio a call or email.  0208 677 7143.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.