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Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Here To Support Your Career

We are much more than a presenter training course.

With The Presenter Studio you get to the heart of the TV industry by working with and being seen by the UK’s top TV Producers – the people whose job it is to find and work with presenting talent.  

We set up The Presenter Studio over 6 years ago out of pure frustration in the lack of new presenting talent coming into our industry.  And so we want everyone who comes to work with us to do well.

So everyone who comes on either our fast track presenter training programme or the 1 to 1 advanced presenter training programme and gets the edit of their Talent Taster Tape done, will win a place on our Talent Database.  This is our database that TV channels, TV companies and agents can access when they contact us looking for presenters.  

We are well known in TV and are contacted by TV channels and TV production companies the whole time, asking who have we recently worked with that we like.  

We’ve got presenters work on CBBC, BBC, Channel 4, E4, Channel FIVE, TV commercials, corporate videos, QVC, and have also helped presenters get agents.

We also hold free networking events and also hold ‘meet the agent’ days for our clients when agents come in to see what talent we have got.  

All we ask is that you keep in contact with us after you have trained with us – help us to help you.  

We don’t act as a formal agent for you so you can go and find an agent too.  Our support comes from a need in TV for new talent and fro our passion to help everyone who comes through our doors as best we can.  

We never promise anyone a job, as we can never predict what work will come in and what programmes are going to be made.  But we passionate about what we do, and we are here to help.  

For further help and assistance please email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0208 677 7143