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Cynthia Erivo - An Inspiration to All

Monday, 25 March 2024 12:57

So what did you do this weekend that inspired you?  

We were super busy at running our 2 day Fast Track Presenter Programme with The Presenter Studio but found time to go to a fiends for dinner on Saturday and to The Royal Albert Hall on Sunday to see Jason Robert Brown and the amazing Cynthia Erivo.  

And it's Cynthia that I've taken away as my inspiration. So much of communication is about passion. Getting others to connect with you. Inspiring others to learn, to take action and to absorb your message.  

The power of Cynthia Arivo as a singer is her ability to bring a song to life - connecting to the lyrics, to the cadence of a song and giving a true story to an audience. There's nothing 'over done'. There's nothing 'performed'. There's nothing passive. Just a 100% connection to a story that she wants to bring to life.  

We often ask our clients - where in your body are you speaking from? And often the reply is 'I don't know'. And then after some throught we often agree 'it's probably from inside your head'. But all communcators speak from the heart. They connect. They share a passion. And they bring something to life.

So next time you deliver a presentation, or a video for social media, or give a pitch speak from the heart...and see what happens.