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Liz Truss Speech

Thursday, 08 September 2022 08:42

What did you think of Liz Truss’ speech yesterday as she entered no 10?  As we sit here on a long train journey up north we wanted to share our thoughts…

This was her opportunity to shine.  To show the nation a new leader.  And to be unique. Here’s what we thought…

1.  Passion.  For us it lacked genuine and honest passion.  Words need to come from the heart not just the head.  They need to be felt not just spoken.  It’s not enough to write a ‘powerful speech’ - your delivery can change and add so much.  You need to bring your script to life.  Play with the words.  Use the words.  And above all own them.

2.  Conviction.  This is an opportunity to show the nation a leader who is confident, assured and trustworthy.  But Liz didn’t feel fully connected.  She didn’t fully commit. It felt half hearted.  A leader who hasn’t yet decided ‘how I want to come across’ and ‘what are my most powerful personal attributes’ I want to display.

3.  Unique.  A speech should feel like a unique moment in time.  Something personal to you.  But this felt like a missed opportunity - a copy and paste job.  There was very little that felt this was someone laying out their own stall.  Having their own style. Instead it felt forgettably traditional and all too familiar.  So we wonder how many people really felt empowered by her speech.

4.  The visual.  Clothes and how you look do play a crucial part in how you come across. Bright colours, clean confident lines work well on camera.  Instead Liz’s outfit was more on the dark side, and felt ‘soft’ on camera.

5.  One chance.  This was a once in a lifetime moment.  Was it memorable?  Was it personal?  Was it unique?  We don’t think it was.  And that comes down to a lack of purpose. 

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