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Huge congrats to Holly Newson who won best Future Presenter at the @edinburghtvfest New Voice Awards! 

Holly was a 1 to 1 client in 2021 and it’s been such a joy to see the amazing work she has done since - is there no A list celebrity she’s not interviewed?!! 

Holly is smart.  Interested in stuff.  Proactive and kind.  The perfect combo!

Huge congrats Holly - make sure you now contact as many people as you can to set up some juicy meetings!

The Presenter Studio Team xx

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Monday, 26 February 2024 17:01

The Presenter Studio Reviews

Words of thanks can mean so much! And so we wanted to share...


We are lucky to have so many lovely emails of thanks from the presenter coaching we did last week with The Presenter Studio....


We wanted to share some for you here:


"I could sit and listen to you all day.  I found your constructive ideas and information so insightful."


"I thoroughly enjoyed learning from you, and I'm genuinely excited to implement all the valuable tips and insights I gained from the course into my future



"Just want to say a massive! Thank you for yesterday. I had an incredible time and learnt so much."


"Thank you incredibly! The course was everything I hoped it would be and more. I have been recommending left, right and centre!"


"The day was amazing, fun, supremely enlightening and,...emotional, and for that, the greatest of thanks to you for considering and affording me the chance to be part of it!"


Thanks so much for all your kind words everyone! They really do mean so much to us! X


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Tuesday, 23 January 2024 15:55

Learning and Development - Presenter Training

We love working with Learning and Development teams helping enusre they get the most out of our presenter training.  

Everything we do here is bespoke - so atfer an initial meeting we will design a training package that suits the needs of the clients and that works with the brand of the business.  

We have coached lots of great brands - Omaze, ASOS, Prudential, Sage, NIKE, SKY - the list goes on!  

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Thursday, 18 January 2024 11:29

2024 presenter training success stories

So 2024 is already off to an amazing start for us!  

We are doing more presenation skills coaching with the amazing team at Omaze.

Two of our clients have been chosen for soem regular TV presenting work. 

Five clients have been shortlisted for a new podcast series for a major beauty brand.

We secured Miray more corporate presenting work for a beauty brand.

Emma-Louise has landed her dream job as the new presenter for Newsround. 

We've released 12 of our 2 day Fast Track Presenter Training Programmes for 2024 - 9 have already sold out in just 24 hours.  

And we've been asked to provide presenters for a major UK charity.

It's all go and we love it!  

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Tuesday, 26 September 2023 13:04

Presenter Training 2024 Dates Now LIVE!

2024 Fast Track Presenter Training dates are now LIVE on the website!  

We've launced the weekend dates for Jan, Feb and March 2024 - midweek dates will be added in the next few weeks.  

Let's make 2024 a year to remember!  

The Presenter Studio Team 

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Friday, 01 September 2023 07:21

More clients on ITV's This Morning and Lorraine

Big congrats to Abigail Foster who came on our The Presenter Studio 1 day How to Make it as a TV Presenter Training Course last month and this week she's been on ITV's This Morning giving finance advice. She joins the long list of experts who we have had on the show - finance, fashion, beauty - you name it!

Here she is smashing her TV debut!


#finance #presentercoach #tvpresenter #itv #thismorning #expert

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Thursday, 29 September 2022 09:58


Huge congrats to Abigayle Andre - our - to 1 client who we bonded with over lockdown.  

Abigayle is now filming a brand new car TV series (can’t say anymore than that at the mo!) - as seen in the action shot here!  We are so super proud of her.  

She’s basically a TV Producers dream - talented, fun and great to work with.  Please check out her insta and her @tiktok so see some of her amazing content.

And she was also on a new consumer series for @channel5_tv this week. 

Big congrats to you lovely lady!  We can’t wait to watch the series when it comes out!! Enjoy every second of it!  

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Tuesday, 27 September 2022 15:22


Big congrats to Cameron Mackintosh who we have just secured a presenter job for a brand new series on one of the major TV International networks.  

Cameron came on our Fast Track Presenter Training Programme and like all of our clients we have put him up for presenter work.

It’s an amazing presenter job and we are super proud of him.  

It was a lot of work to secure this one - but we got there!  

Filming starts abroad today so we are sending lots of good wishes and sun tan cream your way (you lucky man)!

We can’t say anything else about the project as it’s all top secret so more news to come when it’s all announced.  

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Sunday, 04 September 2022 07:21

The Importance of Finding Your own Style

We work as Exec Producers in TV so it’s our jobs to hire and work with presenters.  And what’s so important is that you come having developed your own style - your own way of presenting. This is what everyone wants, but most people play things differently - even the opposite.

The trap people fall into is playing the part of a presenter.  Putting on a generic voice. Playing it safe.  But producers don’t want that.  What we want to know is ‘how are you going to bring my project to life.’ And that’s all down to your personality.

So embrace your points of difference.  Stand out rather than blend in.  That way you’ll go on to have a bigger and longer career.

Hope this helps.  

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Tuesday, 23 August 2022 07:13


Bit of invaluable Monday inspiration for you.  And it’s all about the value and power of being nice….

TV is all about teamwork.  As a presenter you need to be able to work as part of a team, take direction, be able to be produced, bring someone else’s script to life.   So when we are looking for presenters for programmes we always look for someone who is nice.   Someone we like.  And therefore someone the audience will warm to.
In the office we often day to each other - what are they like to work with?  What is that presenter like to produce?
So it’s important on so many levels to be nice!
Have a great week everyone and feel free to share your experiences and comment below.
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