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Presenting Online

Friday, 14 January 2022 09:59

We loved working with the guys at SEGA this week – looking at their monthly meetings and how to make them work online.  Like so many companies lots of communications has turned to the likes of Teams or Zoom. 


It’s great to see the guys at SEGA wanting to make sure these sessions feel as dynamic as when they were in person.   So we workshopped lots of ideas around how these sessions can be shaped and we also put the ideas into practise.  


It was so great to see the ideas come to life, and the guys at SEGA embracing change and wanting to make their monthly meetings the go to event for all of their staff.  


Congratulations guys on some great learning.  We look forward to hearing about all the results. 


If you are presenting online in whatever form and want to be better – give us a shout.  We can help!